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Lord of the Flies

1. Analyze this quote towards the end of chapter 12.
“Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.”

Ralph wept for the innocents of people because it had been taken away from all of them. They were killing people whether they meant to or not, but the day they landed on the island, their hearts were different than when they came off of it. It’s funny how the innocent ones were the ones who got killed, and the innocent ones seemed to be the wisest. Ralph always thought that his way was right, and he never really listened to what Piggy or Simon would say. In the song, If I Die Young, by The Band Perry, there is a line that says – “It’s funny how when your dead people start listening.” This is very true because no one really considers deeply on what you are saying, so maybe they need to be dead so other could realize that they were right and so the words could come alive. By the end of the book, Ralph had realized how hardened and dark all of their hearts had become. “But the island was scorched up like dead wood..”(Lord of the Flies pg. 290) We don’t realize how easy it is to fall into the devil’s way.

2.Id, ego, superego
Who represents what and why?

Id- Someone with quick reactions.
The character that comes to mind is Ralph. Ralph is the one who instructed everyone to build the huts and to hunt. Ralph is the Id is because when they had crashed, he was the first to realized all that had just happened. “We were attacked!” (Lord of the Flies pg 8) In a way, all of the characters could be an Id, because some people have quicker reactions to certain things. For example, the hunters have quicker reactions at being able to catch food. Everyone has better reactions than others.

Ego- Personality that is responsible for dealing with reality.
I feel like Ralph would definitely fit into the ego personality, because he is mostly up-to date with everything that is going on in the island. Ralph was the first to realize that they had actually killed Simon. I just feel Ralph catches up quicker to what has actually happened, and he has to figure out to to make everything work with body on his “tribe.” The reality of everything seems to set into Ralph pretty quickly.

Superego –
Ralph’s tribe had the best superego. Before they made any actions, they would think it through. “What you goin’ to do, Ralph? This is jus’ talk without deciding. I want my glasses.” “I’m trying to think. Supposing we go, like we used to, washed and hair brushed-after all we aren’t savages really and being rescued isn’t a joke.” (Lord of the Flies. Pg. 245) At this point of the book it was really important for them to think everything through. The best thing about Ralph’s tribe is they were trying to make progress and trying to get back what they needed. They didn’t just want the glasses to have them.

3. Symbols are objects, characters, figures, and colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. What ideas or concepts do each of the following represent? Choose 2 objects and 2 characters for a total of analyzing 4 symbols. Use citations from the text to support your answers!!
A. Piggy’s glasses
B. Conch shell
C. The Fire
D. The Beast
E. The Lord of the Flies
F. Ralph
G. Jack
H. Littluns
I. Piggy
J. Simon
K. Dead parachutist

The Beast-
Just as Simon said, the beast is the fear of the unknown. The “beast” is everywhere in our lives, no matter what we seem to make things way worse then they really are. The real beast in life would be the devil. The devil is the one who puts all of those scary thoughts into your head. None of us realize that if we really wanted to, we could get rid of all of those fears, and we could potentially “kill” the beast.

The Fire-
We always talk in class how fire is cleansing. The fire in the book is going to help them get saved, and by being saved it might clean their hearts. During the book, some crazy things happened, and at the time when they get saved, they might finally realize all what has happened, and when they realize, it might change their hearts. At the end of the book, Ralph wept. he wept because of all that happened, and he feels like he was responsible. At the moment, I’m sure Ralph would never harm a soul or anything again. The fire was their way to be cleansed and saved.

Dead parachutist-
The dead parachutist can some times represent our life. Sometimes we just feel that we are doing the same thing, always going back and forth and are dead to who we really are. We just get into the sway of things in life and we can never really break out of it. Once we finally break free from the branch that keeps us doing everything exactly the same, we find so much more in the world. Another symbol that the dead parachutist could represent is that our fears aren’t as scary as we make them seem.

Ralph in many ways is like all of us. We spend our time obsessing about certain things, then in the end we realized what all has happened. Ralph definitely learned from his mistakes with everything he did on the island, but I think everyone did. A lesson that we could all take from Ralph is to keep your eyes open to everything and don’t just follow the crowd. We all follow the crowd, but in Ralph’s experience, we saw how easily following the crowd could become extremely bad.

4. What is your final response to the novel? (using evidence from the text to support your response).
Overall, my response to the book is that it was a great book. I admit that at the beginning of the book I didn’t really enjoy it, but by the end of the book, I actually really loved it! Lord of the Flies is a book I probably wouldn’t have read if I didn’t have the class to talk to and discuss it with. The book is full of hidden messages and lessons. Lord of the Flies shows just how easy everything can get screwed up by a single person. The main thing it taught me was to always stand strong for what I believe in and to never fall deep into society. One thing that I love about this book is all of the symbolism. “Strange things happened at midday. The glittering sea rose up, moved apart in planes of blatant impossibility;… ( Lord of the Flies pg. 81) There is so much symbolism and it can mean different things to every person. I love this statement because it shows that everything can change. Not everything will stay the way that it is forever


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